Tax Planning/Tax-Free Investments

Would you be interested in learning how to put away as much money as you want and never having to pay tax on it again? We can show you how to maximize tax-free accounts no matter what your income. The Roth IRA is one option, but it has restrictions. Another option that is commonly used by large banks and corporations but is generally not promoted by Wall Street brokers and/or accountants is often an excellent solution for many of our clients.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is complex and requires taking into account many risks such as stock market losses, longevity, inflation, and health issues, as well as social security and tax planning. Our clients have benefitted from our outstanding financial software that can project a variety of scenarios to help ensure their retirement will be able to withstand potentially devastating financial events. Start now to receive the maximum  benefit.

Social Security

There is much more to social security planning than simply choosing when to start your benefits, particularly if you are or were married. Don’t assume your local social security office, accountant, or broker can help you with this critical issue. Find out about strategies like “File and Suspend” and others that could potentially add thousands of dollars to your income.

Lifetime Income Strategy

Are you interested in a guaranteed lifetime income stream to supplement your social security and possibly pension income? Life insurance companies offer this very popular guarantee through various types of annuities. The different types of annuities and the options available can be very confusing for an average investor. Let us help you to sort through the confusion to explore whether this strategy makes sense for you and your family. Anyone from age 50-85 can benefit.

Stock Volatility Protection

Have you lived through the stock market crashes since 2000 and are concerned about potential losses to your nest egg? Do you have friends and family that were devastated by stock market losses? We can show you how to either minimize your downside risk or completely eliminate it, if that is your preference.

Life & Disability Insurance

A well-planned insurance strategy can protect you and your family from potential financial ruin if someone dies or is disabled. Many folks have older insurance policies that have not been reviewed in years. We can develop a plan that can fit your unique situation and budget. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

Estate Planning

You don’t have to be as wealthy as Elvis Presley (who didn’t have one) to need an estate plan. If you are interested in more money passing on to your family rather than going to the U.S. government or a nursing home, you may be a candidate for estate planning. We can work alongside your attorney (or recommend one) to develop a plan to leave a legacy to your loves ones.