About Us

Who Are We?

We are Wealth Preservation Strategies, a financial firm located in the Executive Suites at 203 CapCom Avenue in Wake Forest, NC. Our goal is to preserve your wealth from stock market volatility, the IRS, and other “wealth stealers.” We are associated with Redhawk Wealth Advisors, TD Ameritrade, and other companies with whom our clients have investments. . The compliance departments of these firms are critical to overseeing Brian’s recommendations to clients and day-to-day office protocol. Their careful oversight helps insure that your assets are safe and properly handled. You can check out Brian’s clean regulatory record on Finra.org under “broker check.” Once you have entered onto the broker check page, simply type in Brian’s name (or any other financial advisor’s name) and information will surface on any law suits or complaints registered against the advisor.

Financial Philosophy and Credentials

  • Brian was a financial advisor for a major Wall Street firm (2000-2009) before becoming an independent advisor focused on protecting clients’ assets from stock market volatility and the IRS.
  • We’ve developed a proprietary wealth protection process designed to protect clients from the seven most common issues that may lead to financial failure.
  • Our experience with both Wall Street and non-Wall Street strategies enables us to educate clients on the pros and cons of both worlds.
  • Our approach is not to sell anything but to thoroughly educate investors on their current financial positions and the risks of relying on Wall Street optimism and typical financial planning strategies. The client then is able to discover the strategies which best fit their unique situation.


Brian studied at the prestigious Deerfield Academy, Princeton University and the University of Michigan. He has a Master’s Degree in Theology that he uses with his financial acumen to help fund charitable causes. He completed extensive graduate level courses to earn the Chartered Retirement planning Counselor (CRPC) designation from the College for Financial Planning in 2004.


We believe that true wealth consists of using one’s assets and gifts to bless others. To that end, Brian and the love of his life Donna, are very involved in their local church, Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest. They have volunteered on mission trips to Haiti, Europe and Mexico. He also assists his wife in educating their five beautiful children, four whom are adopted: Anthony, Ashley, Charissa, Trey, and Christiana.